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Paul O´Garra

"Great deed are usually wrought at great risks"
- Herodotus -

“Young adult novels do not always open the minds of readers, however, Malak: Desert Child is the exception to the rule and should not go unnoticed.” – Timothy Arden

Malak Desert Child


Malak Desert Child


Malak: Desert Child is the second book in the continuing story of Masuhun (Moon) and his friends, and deals with how they tried to help Malak, a pupil at the local school, and her family and finished up being pursued by desert armies in the Sahara desert. Malak is a stunning evocation of North Africa and its encounter with Western civilization seen through the relationship between Pete, fleeing to Morocco to escape his mental demons by seeking solace in a pre-modern world, and a family who in escaping from their violent, drunken father to the Algerian Sahara, experience other problems and persecution.

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